Newborn photoshoots are a such a beautiful way of welcoming your baby and celebrating your role as a new parent and I love capturing these early days at home.

The newborn days with your baby can become such a blur, it is wonderful to capture the wonder you feel as new parents, whether you’re mum, dad, mum and dad, mum and mum or dad and dad.

Sometimes parents worry about the “mess” surrounding a new baby, but I promise it doesn’t matter. The cards, gifts, nappies, half drunk cups of tea and piles of tiny clothes are all part of your baby’s story. There will be feeds, sometimes breast and sometimes bottle. Tiny feet and fingers are captured. Newborn faces that so quickly change.

I usually arrive and join you for a cup of tea, have a chat, find out how you are feeling and let you tell the story of the baby’s arrival. This is not just a photoshoot, but a way of getting your head around the massive change in your life. I have had seven babies and love hearing all about your experience.

The early days are a blur of nappies, night feeds and visitors. A Newborn photoshoot gives you a chance to take half an hour out to connect with your new baby and to celebrate what you’ve achieved.