Whatever age your children are, all parents know that the time just flies. whether you’ve got toddlers or teenagers, they just change so quickly. A family photoshoot with me is a really special way of capturing the stage they’re at, right now, this time that we can never get back.

Family photoshoots with me are about capturing the magic of childhood. Wherever we decide to meet, in the woods, at a park or at home, it’s about letting your children play and for you all to have fun together.

For your children it will be a magical experience, having time with the adults who really matter to them. We will give them the space to play, to just be, to splash in puddles, build fairy houses, to be silly and to just have fun.

For you as the parent it’s about spending time with your children, without distractions, phones off, away from the TV and the pressure of everyday life. We will get outdoors and you will get to spend time your children, playing, chatting, laughing, being silly.

Meanwhile I will sometimes be in the background capturing these amazing moments and will sometimes come and join in. I have years of experience as an educator, a Forest School leader and as a mum. I will likely suggest some things to do, perhaps building a den or making something out of sticks. A photoshoot with me is really something a bit different to the norm.

When it’s time to say goodbye your children will be used to me around and will suddenly decide they have lots of important things to tell me, so we usually have a little chat before heading home.

I am always excited to get home to edit your photos and I usually do it as soon as I get in. Your photos tell a story of our time together and I always love looking through them as much as I know you will.