Family photoshoots usually take place outside, somewhere like a local park or woodland, but can also take place in your home and garden if you prefer. 

I take a very relaxed approach to photoshoots, giving children (and grown ups!) time to get used to me and my camera. We’ll usually take a walk, perhaps stop to play for a bit, walk some more… All the while I’ll be taking lots of photos. Photoshoots usually last about an hour. 

When I get home I edit your photos and upload them to an online gallery, I promise a minimum of 20 photos. You can download your photos and get them developed yourself, I think it’s really important that families have the freedom to develop and share their photos as much as they want. This is your family and your story. 

If you would like me to get your photos developed for you with a professional printers, I can do that too. Please just ask. 

An hour long photoshoot costs £150