About Me and Contact

I am Corinne Hills – I’m an experienced photographer, a mother of six – five of whom we home educate (our eldest son has left home now, but regularly visits and reluctantly appears in some photos!) and I’m studying towards my masters, so life is very busy!

My personal happy place is out in nature – in particular in woodland – and that is where, spending time in the woods with my own family, I began to perfect the art of candid photography, with nature as the backdrop, which has shaped my professional development.

I am a qualified teacher – something I left to focus on my own family – and a trained Forest School Leader, which works with and around our home education programme – and I often seek out dens and plan activities to put families at ease during our shoots, as it helps the family to relax and gives a focus for children to play and allows their natural curiosity and sense of fun to lead the images I capture.

Both in these professional environments and in my own family I have a lot of experience working with children with additional needs; one of my children has a brain condition – and I myself have Autism, so I understand how some situations – particularly those stuffy, formal and posed studio shoots – can make people feel very uncomfortable or overwhelmed. Again, these experiences formed an important part of developing the way that I work, and my single most important goal is to put the family I’m working with at ease, and allow them to relax and let their personalities shine – and that’s where the magic happens, and I capture what I like to think of as little glimpses of a person’s soul.

I’ve always seen it as a great privilege to be chosen to capture someone’s life with photography – when it’s done right, it truly captures someone’s life and spirit, and that relationship can be very intense, even in just an hour of shooting – the warmth and interaction between families, the little light touches of a mother’s hand on her child’s face, the turn of an eye to smile at a sibling, those tiny intimacies are the story of who you are, and of your life – and those are where I point my lens.

This means that you need to be relaxed and comfortable – so I let you choose the location; I can of course make suggestions – I know some spectacular areas of natural beauty close by, and can happily provide descriptions and directions – but some people just want to have me visit them at home and follow their usual routines, to capture a ‘life in the day’ of their family. I am equally happy with either choice – as long as the people I’m shooting feel relaxed and unguarded.

As I said above, I have a lot of experience working with and photographing other people’s children with autism and other conditions which might make photo shoots a little tricky or overwhelming for them. If you have any concerns about your child coping with a photo shoot please do get in touch, every family should have the chance to capture and share lovely photos, and I can work with you to make it relaxing and stress free for you all in an environment where you all feel safe and relaxed.

If you’d like to ask more questions or to book a photo shoot please fill in the form here, email me on getintouch@corinnesnest.com or call 07935 212571.