I absolutely adore these shoots – not just because I love babies (which I very much do) but because those early days, when you have welcomed a brand new person into the world, can be such a blur – and that brand new human changes so quickly.

Which means that capturing those days, with the unfurling body and mind of your newborn, enveloped in that slightly unreal stage of emotions, exhaustion, elation and everything feeling so changed, is utterly magical – and it’s an honour to be invited to be a part of your world for a short time, and capture it on camera so that you can relive those days for many years.

Welcome your new family member, and celebrate your role as a brand-new parent, and let me quietly follow you together for a short photoshoot. Often, when people enquire about these shoots, they worry that I will judge the mess of life with a newborn; trust me – as a mother of six I know precisely how your world can be turned upside down; cards, gifts, nappies, those half-drunk and abandoned cups of tea, piles of tiny clothes and wipes; these are just a part of your new world – and it takes time for things to fall into place.

Don’t worry for a second about trying to pretend it isn’t a whirlwind, don’t worry that baby may want to feed (or that I’ll have any opinions on whether you choose breast or bottle; that’s up to you!) or need changing, may erupt through a fresh outfit, may be crotchety and tired – your baby will lead our shoot, with some guidance from what I’ve learned from my experience in doing so many of these shoots to get the best images, with the least disruption to your routines or baby’s wants and needs.

Generally I will chat with you – parents, any siblings, whoever you choose to involve – cooing over your gorgeous new baby as we get to know each other a little more, and you can tell me the story of baby’s arrival. The experience is more than just a photoshoot – it’s a chance to share your story and get your head around the huge change your life is going through, and for me to learn more about you, put you at ease, and let you relax into just nurturing your baby so that I can capture the natural, candid moments of love and serenity that come in glimpses between the whirlwind of life!

These shoots make a beautiful gift for a new parent, or a nice memento for yourself – and it’s a joy to edit the images and get them back to you, and hear the joy in a parent’s voice when they see the finished result for the first time; you can see some of my newborn shoots in the gallery below. To enquire, either contact me via this website, email me at or call me on 07935 212571.