Families come in all shapes and sizes – each is as special and beautiful as the last. It’s an enormous privilege to be invited to work with families, and to capture those little moments of warmth and interaction between you.

Whatever your family set-up, one thing we all have in common is that time. Toddlers or teens, they change quickly, and a family photoshoot is a very special way to capture who they are right now. These photographs are a wonderful memento of your family life, and they make lovely gifts for extended family, as well as a beautiful memory to look back on with your loved ones in years to come.

My approach to these shoots is very natural and relaxed; it’s more about capturing the magic and imaginative play of children than any formal posing – so, at home or out in the woods, or in any location you choose, I encourage children to play, and adults to go with the flow. Just have fun as a family and let me fade into the background so I can frame and snap the natural interactions between you all.

For the children, the most magical part is having time and attention with their beloved adults – given space to play, be silly, splash in puddles and weave stories from nature, building fairy houses or playing make-believe worlds from the things around them.

The magic for their adults comes from taking the opportunity to switch off, put aside phones and emails and responsibilities, and just join their children without the distractions and pressure of everyday life.

Your location can be anywhere – and if you are a little stuck for ideas, I can recommend some beautiful local beauty spots where nature makes a fabulous backdrop to your family fun. I also have years of experience as an educator and Forest School leader, as well as being Mum for a large brood of my own, so can pitch in with some ideas for games and activities, perhaps building a den or making something out of sticks, to help everyone to relax and start to play, putting everyone at ease – children can sometimes take a little while to warm up to someone new, so I work hard to make them comfortable. This usually means that, when it’s time for me to leave, little people who have been a bit shy suddenly have a thousand things they absolutely must discuss with me, so I often stick around for a little chat with them before heading home!

I can guarantee that a photoshoot with me is different to any you may have had previously, or seen from friends and family, and I enjoy myself just as much as the families I work with – it’s a thrill to be around so much laughter and love, and be able to capture those moments forever for you to treasure.

I generally quote a week or so for editing and submitting your finished images – but I’m usually buzzing on the thrill of the day, and get to work on that the instant I get home, because I can’t wait to see how they’ve come out, and share them with you!

Take a look at some gallery images of previous shoots below to get a better feel for these family shoots, and for the approach I take – or pop over to Instagram to follow my photography account, where you can usually find lots of photos of my own big, busy family too.