Pregnancy is an experience that you simply can’t describe accurately to someone who isn’t experiencing it – even when comparing to your own previous experiences, there is always something wholly unique to each pregnancy and birth – and of all the shoots I do these always come in as some of the most magical days.

Most regularly these take place outdoors, but if you have other preferences do just let me know. Usually I suggest a short walk locally and we chat as we go, so that you feel completely at ease. I occasionally ask you to pause and just check in with your baby and body, and I capture a few images.

No matter whether this is a first pregnancy, a tenth pregnancy, the beauty of a pregnant person is somewhat ethereal, and what I am aiming to capture in the images is not just how beautiful you look, but also the link between you and your baby.

Again, the style of my shoots is different to what you may have seen elsewhere – and as far from the stark white studio shots as you could imagine, so if those just don’t fit with your personality I think my natural, outdoors shoots might just be the perfect way to record your pregnancy and share the magic of your journey to motherhood.

Below you can see some of my previous shoots – some with just the expectant parent, some with two parents, and some with siblings – please get in touch for a quote and a chat about what you’d like to do – these shoots are led by your needs and wants, and I love to work with people to be sure I’m capturing their lives and bodies in ways which light them up. You can contact me via this website, email me on or call 07935 212571.